Woman driving a car with an automated car system.

New Studies Show Automated Car Systems Create False Sense of Security

As technology continues to rapidly transform aspects of our everyday lives, it is not surprising that it has already impacted the auto industry. From lane maintenance to self-parking cars, automation has officially infiltrated our vehicles. Though these new features in automated car systems hope to improve the safety of driving, according to two IIHS studies, they are often having the opposite effect.

One of the studies shows that drivers are actually struggling to understand these automated features, often leading to a false sense of security for drivers, who as a result have begun paying less attention. In that respect, automated car systems are regularly creating added risk. 

Although these systems are designed to assist the driver, they require driver engagement at all times. Part of the confusion is due to the names of the systems, such as “autopilot,” which gives the false impression that the driver doesn’t have to be involved. This misunderstanding has had deadly consequences. In March, a Tesla driver in Florida using autopilot was killed after crashing into a tractor-trailer.

Study Tests Knowledge of Features in Automated Car Systems

The second of the two IIHS studies looked at whether or not participants understood the Driver Pilot system display of a 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class car. Participants were asked how certain features operated. The participants were then asked to identify the features that were inactive and explain why. Half of the participants were given a brief explanation of the display prior to use; the other half was not. 

Each participant had an understanding of why adaptive cruise control adjusted its speed, but most participants didn’t know why the system didn’t detect the vehicle in front of it. While many of the participants in the training group could identify when lane-centering was inactive, most of the individuals who were not in that group struggled to do so. 

Different vehicles utilize different automation systems and various measures for alerting drivers of inactive features. These may include auditory and visual warnings. But regardless of how many safety features and automation that a vehicle has, there is nothing that can beat driver education, understanding, and engagement. 

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