Uber driver wearing a face mask.

Uber Will Require Drivers and Passengers to Wear Face Masks

It’s safe to say that our world as we knew it has taken a drastic turn over the last couple of months. We have been forced to make many adjustments in order to deal with our new reality. 

One such reality has been the mandate to wear masks whenever we enter into a commercial business/property. It helps to protect not only ourselves but also others – especially the most vulnerable population – should we unknowingly be asymptomatic. 

Businesses Adapt to a New Normal

As all of society adapts, businesses themselves will also be making drastic changes. In an effort to figure out how it will make a return to normal everyday business, the ridesharing company, Uber, will soon require that both drivers and passengers in the U.S. wear facemasks in order to help protect each other and to decrease the spread of COVID-19. 

Although there is no date as of yet that the facemask requirement will be implemented, as it stands there are already certain regions of the country that require drivers to do so. 

The corporate behemoth is providing safety supplies to its drivers who are currently taking essential trips. As of now Uber still asks that people abstain from riding with Uber if they can. A spokesperson for the company explained that updates would be shared with users directly when available. However, it implores all riders and drivers to wear facemasks or face coverings while riding with Uber beginning immediately.

Uber Considers New Safety Technology

Uber is so serious about the safety of its passengers and drivers that it is currently looking into the development of a face-scanning technology that could confirm whether or not its drivers are in fact wearing masks or coverings.  

While ridesharing competitor, Lyft has yet to mandate that its drivers wear masks, it has made face coverings available for its drivers, as well as shipping masks and disinfectants to them. The company, which has spent $1.5 million on protective equipment and cleaning supplies, is focusing more heavily on regions where face coverings are already required under the law.

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