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Tris Edwards Client

David was our lawyer and he was the best the lawyer I ever had I recommend him to anyone he does have your best interest in everything

Rontaysha Tate Client

My experience at Jones Kahan Law was great they were very supportive throughout the entire process & only wanted the best for me. This was my first time hiring an attorney & I’m happy that I chose them to represent me.

Tony Pera Client

Micheal and his team handled my case quickly and effectively. They were very responsive even across different time zones! I highly recommend using them as your representation. They make the process easy on you because there’s no need to deal with insurance companies directly. There’s also a lot of peace of mind knowing you have a top tier team getting you what you deserve financially! Thanks guys!

Eric Mullins Client

Jones Kahan Law was amazing they took my case on after Blake maislin was not doing his job Michael and his team make sure they did everything in their power to get every penny that they could get for my accident I strongly recommend them to anyone thank you all for standing beside me with my case

Sharon B Client

Michael Kahan helped me with an accident claim. He and Jessica kept me up to date and explained everything to me throughout the whole process. Working with insurances can be overwhelming and they took that burden and did a great job. I would highly recommend them.

Von Mapped Client

Jones Kahan Law did well I think they should have gotten paid more than the Doctor over charged for everything I don’t think the medical should be part of share because medical is medical there just big lairs and overpriced they will get theirs in the end I not happy waiting two years and they take everything . Didn’t want to go another year for this process no I am totally dissatisfied with the way they treated this case the laws change we don’t do son about it because it’s a lot of money in the end over for a medical robbers.

Patty Simonson Client

I worked with Jones Kahan Law for a car accident that I was involved in in 2021, and they were able to help me through dealing with the insurance company. They're great and helpful. Thank you.

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