Cincinnati Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Distracted driving accidents in Cincinnati are a continuing public safety hazard. Drivers continue to drive while distracted by their cell phones, text messaging, and other electronic devices. The ample availability of electronic devices and the need to be “linked in” continuously has contributed to the rise in distracted driving accidents. If you’ve suffered an injury in a Cincinnati distracted driving accident, the car accident lawyers at Jones Kahan Law, LLC, can help.

We understand that being injured in a distracted driving accident can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer potential clients a free in-home consultation. Our law firm has a history of recovering high-value settlements and insurance payouts. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation. You will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we recover for you.

Common Causes of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving in Cincinnati typically falls into one of the following three categories: visual distraction, manual distraction, and cognitive distraction. Visually distracted driving is perhaps the most well-known. Visually distracted driving happens when the driver looks at something other than the road. The following actions fall into the category of visual distraction:

  • The driver looks behind him or her to check a child’s seatbelt
  • The driver looks down at the vehicle’s audio controls
  • The driver checks a text message or responds to a text message
  • The driver looks at a GPS device, entertainment system, or a DVD player
  • The driver makes eye contact with the passenger while driving

Manual distraction occurs when a driver removes one or both hands from the wheel. Manual distraction can involve any of the following actions:

  • Drinking and eating in the car
  • Adjusting the sound system’s volume
  • Entering an address in a GPS device
  • Removing one or both hands from the wheel to get something from a wallet
  • Putting on makeup or shaving in the car

Finally, cognitive distracted driving happens when a driver isn’t focused on driving. Even when a driver is using a hands-free device to talk on the phone, he or she could become cognitively distracted and cause a motor vehicle accident. Talking to a passenger or kids in the back seat can also create a cognitive distraction that results in an accident. The use of handheld smartphones is one of the leading causes of distracted driving in Cincinnati. Texting and driving are some of the most dangerous causes of distracted driving accidents. When texting, a driver is manually, cognitively, and visually distracted.

The Benefits of Hiring An Attorney

Settling a personal injury case can be difficult. The skilled attorneys at Jones Kahan Law, LLC, understand the complex requirements for filing successful lawsuits. Recording from a car accident injury can be a painful and challenging journey. We help our clients recover from their injuries by taking over the management and negotiation of their personal injury claims. Our distracted driving lawyers handle all aspects of our client’s cases, including the following:

  • Gathering the accident police report
  • Collecting our client’s medical bills and medical records
  • Gathering evidence such as CCTV footage and any recordings of phone calls
  • Finding witnesses to the car accident and interviewing them
  • Finding expert witnesses who will testify as to the severity of our client’s injuries
  • Determining who is at fault for the accident
  • Negotiating with insurance adjusters to secure the highest settlement possible

Determining Fault in a Cincinnati Distracted Driving Accident

One of the most important aspects of recovering compensation after a car accident is determining who was at fault. Under Ohio law, drivers must drive with a reasonable duty of care. Those who drive negligently or recklessly are liable for injuries caused by the breach of their duty of care. Those who drive while distracted are negligent and breach the duty of care they owe to other drivers on the road.

The lawyers at Jones Kahan Law, LLC, work hard to investigate our clients’ car accidents to determine who was at fault. In many cases, we secure phone records to determine if texting while driving caused the accident. We also find witness testimony and any available CCTV footage that might prove that the other driver was distracted when the accident occurred.

Damages Available for Injuries Caused by Distracted Driving

At Jones Kahan Law, LLC, it’s our job to help our clients secure the most substantial possible financial recovery for their injuries. Successful personal injury plaintiffs are entitled to economic damages for costs related to their injuries. Economic damages cover the costs of medical treatment, surgery, lost past and future wages, and other costs associated with the car accident. They are also entitled to non-economic damages for pain and suffering. When the defendant acted egregiously, Ohio courts may award punitive damages as a way to punish the defendant and deter others from engaging in similar behavior.

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Cincinnati distracted driving accidents are completely preventable. If you or a loved one have suffered a severe injury in a Cincinnati distracted driving accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Under Ohio law, Cincinnati drivers have a duty to drive without engaging in distracting behavior. If texting while driving or another distraction caused your car accident, the negligent driver might be liable for your injuries. Contact our experienced Cincinnati car accident attorneys today to learn how our team can help you fight for your right to compensation.