About Us

Our Approach

We approach each client as if they are our only client, meaning when we enter into a relationship with our clients, they do not become another file at the bottom of a stack. We treat each of our clients’ circumstances with the utmost importance and respect.

Fighting for what you deserve is our priority. Insurance companies try to get people to settle their claim before an attorney becomes involved, because they know an attorney can increase the value of their claim. We can inform you of your rights and get you the justice that you’re entitled to!

One of the biggest complaints people make about attorneys is lack of communication—but this is never an issue at Jones Kahan Law. We are a small firm that is available when you need us the most. Let us be your advocate and guide you during this difficult time in your life.

Our Story:

After having both worked in larger personal injury firms, we found we were not able to treat our clients with the attention they deserved. We didn’t like how each case was assigned a number and just became one of many sitting in a filing cabinet. This is what prompted us to leave and create our own firm, which offers a tailored approach for each client. Now, we never refer to a client by a case number! Our clients are welcome to stop by our office at their convenience or call our cell-phones whenever. We treat our clients like our friends.