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Guide to the Personal Injury Process in Cincinnati, Ohio

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Ohio residents suffer personal injuries. Personal injuries can happen anywhere, and many occur in a car accident, premises liability accident, or a work-related accident. The personal injury process can be long and stressful. Suffering a severe personal injury can result in extensive medical bills, and the need to take time off from work to recover. Those who are severely injured in catastrophic personal injury accidents may require nursing assistance for the rest of their lives. 

If you or your loved one has suffered a serious personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Ohio’s personal injury laws allow injured persons to recover compensation from the person or business whose negligence caused their injuries. At Jones Kahan Law, LLC, we have a successful track record of securing substantial settlements and verdicts for our personal injury clients. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your consultation. Below, we outline what the personal injury process looks like in Ohio. 

Female driver rubbing her aching neck after whiplash from accident
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Woman meeting with personal injury attorney after accident.

Your First Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer

At Jones Kahan Law, LLC, we offer potential clients free consultations, we are always available, and we don’t charge any fees until we collect for our clients. We understand that many potential clients who’ve suffered catastrophic injuries are not able to leave the hospital, rehabilitation centers, or their home. We want to make the initial consultation with clients as comfortable for them as possible. We offer free in-home consultations for potential clients who are unable to come to our Cincinnati or Dayton office. 

When you meet with a personal injury attorney for the first time, you should be prepared to discuss the specifics about your personal injury accident. The personal injury lawyer will ask you questions about how your accident happened, what your medical treatment has been like, how the incident has affected you, and the status of any insurance claims. We also recommend bringing documents related to your accident and injury to your first meeting with your attorney.

Woman filling out insurance claim with adjuster after accident.

Gathering Documents and Evidence

Gathering evidence and documents related to your injury is one of the most critical steps in recovering compensation. Whether you are seeking compensation from an insurance company or bringing a personal injury lawsuit in an Ohio court, you will need to have all of your documentation in order. 

Your personal injury lawyer will prove the elements of your personal injury lawsuit by submitting evidence to the court. Don’t feel overwhelmed by how many documents are listed below. Your legal team can help you decide which documents you need to gather. As a personal injury victim, your lawyer will take charge of your case and guide you. Our clients often express how they feel relief when they know that an experienced personal injury lawyer is on their side, taking charge of their case. The following evidence is vitally important in a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Bills from doctors and hospitals
  • Documents explaining diagnoses and treatment
  • Invoices from a chiropractor or physical therapist
  • Documents explaining treatment you will need in the future
  • The name and address of the ambulance service you used (if applicable)
  • A list of your current prescription medications
  • Dates you were admitted and released from the hospital 
  • List of your current medical prescriptions
  • Information about treatment or surgeries you received at the hospital
  • Photos of your accident and injuries
  • The police report and other reports
  • Proof of your lost income or work 
  • Testimony from witnesses on the scene
  • Expert testimony from medical experts
  • Expert testimony from accident reconstruction specialists
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Determining Damages and Expenses

After your personal injury lawyer learns more about your case, you can work with your lawyer to determine your damages. We will help you write down all of the medical expenses related to your accident and property damage. Medical expenses include expenses from medical exams, physical therapists, alternative practitioners, hospital stays, and chiropractors. If you require household or medical treatment in your home, you can also include those expenses in your calculation. You should include any out-of-pocket medical costs related to the accident that caused your personal injury in calculating your medical expenses. 

In many cases, victims of personal injuries also suffer property damage, especially after a motor vehicle accident. The plaintiffs can seek compensation for any property damages related to the accident that caused your personal injuries. The cost of repairing or replacing your motor vehicle, rental car expenses, travel expenses, childcare costs, and travel expenses related to your medical treatment can also be included in your damage calculation. 

Whether you are filing an insurance claim or a personal injury claim, you should seek compensation for any time you missed from work. You can also claim the cost of lost job opportunities, missed interviews, missed client meetings, and missed opportunities for promotions. Be sure to include all of the compensation you have missed out on due to your injuries, such as tips, lost overtime, bonuses, or gratuities.

Attorney going over personal injury settlement with client.

Settlement Negotiations

Many personal injury lawsuits end in a settlement. Personal injury trials often take a long time and are quite expensive. Insurance companies and defendants usually try to settle the claim out of court. If you decide to accept a settlement offer, you will give up your right to bring a lawsuit in court in exchange for a lump-sum payment. 

Settlement agreements are often beneficial for personal injury victims, but, in some cases, the defendant doesn’t offer an acceptable amount, and the case proceeds to trial. If you take your personal injury lawsuit to court, your lawyer will represent you throughout the process. During the trial, you will likely need to testify. Your lawyer can help you prepare for the trial so you feel confident and understand what is happening throughout the process. If you succeed at trial, the jury will award you a specific amount of damages.

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